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Air Tank / Quick Fill Tire Gauge

  1. Install your style air quick change fitting in the brass push-button valve (1/4” NPT).
  2. Connect your quick change fittings to the end of the red hose and in the filler gauge (1/4”NPT).
  3. Open the black master valve – turn counterclockwise (MUST be open).
  4. Connect your air supply line. Push the button valve. The air tank should fill in less than 10 sec.

Air Tank Quick Fill Gauge


Filler Tire Pressure Gauge

  1. Connect Filler/Gauge to short red air line from tank.
  2. Hold chuck on tire valve stem. Use lever to add air. Release to see pressure on gauge. Bleed off excess pressure with button on side of gauge.

Misc. Other Notes:

  • Filler gauge can and should be used as your regular tire gauge for consistency.
  • When used without tank, air can be bled rapidly from the tire by pushing the lever rather than the bleed button.
  • Always use “dry” air. Drain the tank as needed to prevent moisture buildup.
  • NEVER EXCEED 125 psi.


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