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Wiring Harness Color Code

Wiring Instructions for PN 44930 Harness

This harness connects Longacre switch panels to your car. If you have just purchased a switch panel, discard the half of the connector with 3 unconnected wires.

  • Brown wire – to battery or power source (you can pickup power at the starter motor). The larger ring terminal goes to the battery cable terminal.
  • Two Yellow wires – one wire to ignition system; one wire to any accessory you want to shut off with the ignition – gauge and warning lights, tach, etc.
    (NOTE: Both yellow wires are connected to the same source. Two separate wires are provided for your convenience.)
  • Green wire – to your starter solenoid. The smaller ring terminal goes to the solenoid.

Use a grommet where the wire goes through the firewall or any other sheet metal. If the headers are very close to the starter motor (& this harness) you may need additional heat insulation like Firebraid™ sleeving.

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Part: #52-44930