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AccuTech™ SMi™ Tachometer Instructions

Green wire - to “Tach” output on ignition box or to negative side of coil on non-electronic points systems. NEVER connect directly to a plug or coil wire!

Black wire - to Ground Be sure it is connected to a solid ground. Many problems are caused by a poor ground.

Brown wire - Power - 12 or 16 volt (connect so that it SHUTS OFF with ignition off).

Red wire - Power (connect so it has power full time - NOT shut off when ignition is shut off)


Accutech SMi tachometers 
Use only on 12 or 16 volt systems with negative ground. If mounted directly into firewall you must protect from exhaust radiant heat with an appropriate shield.  

To operate:
Tach comes on automatically when the engine starts

To recall:
Push red "RECALL" button on lower left side. The pointer will recall highest RPM and hold that number (backlight flashes to indicate recall mode). Push again to resume normal tach operation.
NOTE: You can push RECALL before going on the track and the tach will constantly display the highest RPM reached to that point without pushing RECALL again. It does not show active RPM once RPM drops below the highest point..Push RECALL to resume normal tach operation. This feature allows the driver to see what the RPM was on the track without having to push the RECALL button.

To reset - erase max RPM:
Push RESET button and hold 3 seconds to erase old RPM. Backlight flashes to indicate when done.

To set number of cylinders:
Push RESET and RECALL at the same time and hold 10 seconds (Note: After 5 seconds the LED will flash - see below. Continue to hold both buttons). After 10 seconds pointer will go to the number of cylinders - 4000 for 4 cyl, 6000 for 6 cyl, etc. Release both buttons. Then push either RESET or RECALL to change to the setting you want. After 5 seconds of no buttons being pushed normal function returns. Options are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, & 10 cyl. Factory set to 8 cyl.

To Change High RPM warning light setpoints:
There are 2 High RPM warning setpoints. On one the red LED is steady, the other the LED flashes. To change push RESET and RECALL at the same time and hold 5 seconds. Red LED warning light will flash. Release both. After a few seconds the LED will come on steady (not flashing) and the pointer will go to the current setpoint. This is the first setpoint - LED on steady. Use the 2 buttons to raise or lower the setpoint as desired. When you get the setting you want stop pushing either button. After 5 seconds the LED will start to flash. This is the second setpoint - LED flashing. Adjust as above. After 5 seconds of no buttons pushed normal tach function will return. Factory set to 8000 & 8500 RPM.



If not cover tach if car interior is to be washed down. Never pressure wash.

You have the Weather Resistant style if the 4 wire connector on the back of the tach is sealed to the case.

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