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Bump Steer Gauges

Precision Digital Bump Steer Gauge with Billet Plate
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Precision Digital Bump Steer Gauge with Billet Plate
Part #: 52-79015
  • New precision plate, 3/8" thick T6 Billet aluminum for the ultimate in accuracy. Anodized and laser engraved
  • New compact frame. More rigid billet and tube design for the best accuracy. Bright dip anodized.

This simplified bumpsteer gauge design uses a single precision digital indicator to tell you directly the exact amount of bump steer within .001". No need to subtract one reading from another - no chance for error.

  • Most accurate, easiest and quickest way to measure your critical bump steer
  • Easier to use - just push Zero, move suspension, read bump directly to .001"
  • Extended height design - check bump steer at ride height or on stands
  • Includes NEW 3/8" thick billet wheel plate with mounting holes for most 5 bolt patterns (4-1/2" - 5") and most wide 5 plus 4, 5 & 8 bolt drive flanges, adjustable stand and precision digital indicator
  • Center hole is 3 1/4"

Note:  Snap cap hubs will require PN 79121 Snap Cap Hub Mounting Stand-offs for use with the Bump Steer Gauge.

Replacement battery for digital indicator:  CR2032

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