Longacre Brake Balance Adjuster 44108


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Billet Aluminum Brake Balance Adjuster - 3/8" -24

Billet Aluminum Brake Balance Adjuster - 3/8" -24 Item #: 52-44108

  • Frictionless Polymer bearing mount - for easy, no bind adjustments
  • Adjust with round knob or with handle (can be easily removed)
  • Detents every 90º make precise adjustments easier - "Click" the exact change you want
  • NEW HD braided flex connector - shorter, won't 'wrap up'
  • Easy to rivet to firewall (clearance for rivet gun)
  • 3/8" - 24 connector to your bias bar


  • Rod can be shortened if needed to fit your car. Just cut to length and re-tap
  • Adjustable handle - small turning radius or large (see below)
  • Wide stance mount - helps prevent deflection and wrap-up
  • New lightweight design - T6 Billet aluminum
California Proposition 65 Statement


Rod Material: Aluminum
Rod Length: 20"
Rod Diameter: 3/8"
Connector: 3/8" - 24
Hose Material: SS braided teflon
Hose Length: 12"
Handle Material: Lightweight billet aluminum
Handle Finish: Red anodized
Handle Style: Adjustable
Handle Diameter: 2 1/2"

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