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Hot Lap™ In-Car Timers

Hot Lap™ GPS Triggered In-Car Timer
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Hot Lap™ GPS Triggered In-Car Timer
Part #: 52-21730


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GPS Triggered In-Car Timing with Track Mapping

This all new In-Car timing system lets the driver see their lap times as they happen. Try different lines around the track to instantly find the fastest way. The GPS allows you to get precise and accurate readings without having to install IR beacons at the track.

Records up to 200 laps and also displays your Best lap and the differences between your Current lap and both your Last and Best laps. Many other great features such as the Speed and Odometer function, Target Speed and Distance, create custom Track Mapping Segments, closed and open circuits and more.

This is the perfect timing tool whether you race circle track, road courses or are a drag racer.

Divide the track into timed segments and see where you are fast and where you are losing time.

  • 3" backlit graphic display
  • GPS sensor mounts in car
  • Recall segment times in pits and compare laps


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