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Computerscales XLi Tablet Instructions v1.23 - 1.25

Download the the complete Computerscales XLi Operating Instructions manual

Quick Start

This tablet uses the Android® operating system. Many functions are similar to 'Smart phones' and it uses a touch screen to access.

ON:  Push and hold for 3 secons to launch the operating system (OS) - about 15 seconds.

IMPORTANT:  Wait for Bluetooth icon to appear at the top of the screen before launching the COMPUTERSCALES XLi app.

Computerscales XLi app icon  Tap the app icon on the Home Page (first up) to launch the "app" - COMPUTERSCALES XLi. This takes about 5 seconds.

Turn pads on:  The green LED will be steady until the LF link is established between the pads and the tablet (usually less than 10 seconds). Then the green LEDs will flash. "No Data" indicates that the tablet is not receiving weights. Be sure pads are on and LEDs are flashing. If pads do not link reboot the app.

Zero:  Tap BEFORE putting car on scales. DON'T zero AFTER car is on scales.

"Sleep" Mode:  To conserve battery power the display goes dark after 30 minutes. To restore push ON once (don't hold as when turning tablet on). To manually put into Sleep Mode (save power) push ON once (don't hold). Display goes dark. To restore display push ON again (don't hold).

To shut system down:  (different from "Sleep") - Push & HOLD ON for 3 seconds. Display changes. Tap "Power Off", then tap "OK". If you don't do this the tablet battery may be low the next time. Be sure to turn off all 4 pads too.

Memory:  Tap arrows (< & >) to select memory number (1-50, center bottom). Tap Notes- Add/View Memory at the bottom. A keyboard will appear with text boxes at the top. At the very top is the Memory number you selected for reference. Under that are optional text boxes for Memory Name (up to 15 characters) and Notes (virtually unlimited... scroll for more space). Tap Save Name & Notes when done and the app will take you back to the main screen. Refer to the full Computerscales XLi Operating Instructions for more details on entering or editing Notes using the keyboard or by voice and for saving your Memory and Notes to file for transfer to PC. Note: 10" tablets display notes screen side-by-side with weights. Refer to the full Computerscales XLi Operating Instructions for details.

Rotate wheel weights on display:  Tap the Rotate Wheel Weights button. Weights rotate in 90º increments. See below for more information.

Recharge tablet / replace pad batteries:  Connect charger at bottom center of the tablet. Recharge takes 5-6 hours. Replace pad batteries with 3 "AA" alkaline. Pad batteries last 50-60 hours, tablet 8-10 hours.

Customize Partial %s:  Swipe screen R to L. Tap Start Over and select.

Simple Troubleshooting:  If you have any connection problems (NO DATA on display) first re-boot the LF pad (off, then back on). If this does not correct the issue re-boot the app (this takes just a few seconds). Check all batteries - pads and tablet (no need to change unless they are low - it doesn't help)

Pad Capacity: Excess weight can damage load cells

  • 72715 - 1500 lb per pad
  • 72726 - 1800 lb per pad
  • 72691 - 1100 lb per pad
  • 72751 - 400 lb per pad

Program Features

Here are the details on the operation of the various features. Use as many or as few as you want.

Different displays:  Accessed by swiping your fingertip across the display, side to side.

  • Bright Sunlight Mode:  Swipe your finger left-to-right. This is B&W maximum contrast to allow easier reading in very bright conditions. Swipe back right-to-left to get back to the main screen.
  • Setup Mode:  Swipe your finger from right-to-left. Here you can make changes to suit your preferences. To change the partial %s displayed first tap Start Over at the top of the list. (For changes on small buttons consider using the included stylus if you have difficulty.) Tap your preferences in the order you want them displayed. The order will be shown at the right. You can even add a blank line. Select as many as you want. Up to five will be shown all the time on the main screen but you can easily access others chosen by scrolling the list up or down. While in the Setup Mode you can also change other settings - for example partial % - .1% or .01%, the car icon, weight units, etc. Here is where you can convert to METRIC. Select your preference. These will stay until you change them again. When done swipe to the main screen, close the "app", then re-open it again.
    (Tap Computerscales XLi home button at bottom right - this takes you to the Home Page and automatically closes the "app" - tap the icon to re-start).
    "Car" icon on screen: There are 4 standard choices: Stock Car, Indy/F1, Modified and Kart. You can also personalize your tablet and have a picture of your car as the icon. Please call the factory for details.
    Optional Weight view skins: Choose between Standard Red or Industrial Black backgrounds for the main application screen. The app will close automatically when tapping to change skins. Just re-launch the app and the new skin will be displayed and will stay until you choose to change it again.
    Save to File / Save Current: Save your Memory and Notes or Current Weights to file for email or download. Refer to the full Computerscales XLi Operating Instructions for complete details.
    DO NOT alter the Scale System Secret Code. This involves pairing the pads to the tablet. Refer to the full Computerscales XLi Operating Instructions for complete details.
  • Rotate the car icon and wheel weights:  The default wheel weight display is the traditional one. If you are standing in a different location you can rotate the car icon and all 4 wheel weights in 90º increments for more convenient viewing. Simply tap on the Rotate Wheel Weights button to rotate. This will reset to the default layout if the tablet is turned off. The tablet itself can be rotated and all information with be reformatted - horizontal ('Landscape') or vertical ('Portrait').
  • Tablet 'Sleep Mode':  To extend battery life the tablet is set to go into Sleep Mode automatically after 30 minutes (screen goes dark). To bring back push the ON button once (don't hold). All weights and % are kept. This is almost instantaneous.
  • To manually put tablet into 'Sleep Mode':  Push the ON button (don't hold). The screen will go dark. Bring back the same way as above.
    When you are done be sure to POWER OFF the tablet (different than Sleep). Push ON and HOLD 3 seconds. Screen changes. Tap Power OFF, then tap OK. This should be done when you are not going to use the scales for several hours or longer. If not done the tablet battery may be low or dead next time you use the system. Also turn off all 4 pads.
  • Low Battery indication:  Pad battery indication is on the black pad module - the green LED. It is also shown on the tablet by a green dot under each of the 4 wheel weights. As batteries get low this changes to orange, then eventually to red. Replace with 3 quality alkaline "AA" batteries. Pad battery access is on the end opposite the black module. Remove the 2 Phillips screws on the bottom of the pad to remove the battery holder. Pad batteries last 50-60 hours.
    For Tablet battery indication go to the Home Page by tapping Computerscales XLi home button at bottom right. Battery life will be shown at the top right as a bar graph and %. Put in Sleep Mode when not needed. Be sure to Power Off tablet when done. Also shut off all 4 pads.
    NOTE: If there is no Low Battery indication on the pad or tablet screen changing the pad batteries is not necessary.

Notes:  The LR, RR, & RF pads communicate only with the LF pad which sends all 4 wheel weights to the tablet. If you need to use just one pad it MUST be the LF. The LF pad MUST be on for the system to function.

A screen saver has been pre-installed. This helps protect the screen from scratches. Replace when needed.


Computerscales XLi setup screens

Warranty Policy on Tablet Scale Systems

Tablets are warrantied for a period of 1 year and the pads for 2 years from the date of retail/consumer sale (not from the date of manufacturer’s sale to the dealer as some other scale manufacturers do). We will handle any tablet manufacturer’s warranty for you since the repaired or replaced tablet needs to be configured and linked to the pad modules. (The tablet is a part of an overall interconnected system.)

For warranty (or non-warranty) work please return the tablet and all 4 pad modules with battery packs. Please do not send partial systems as we will not be able to complete the service properly. It is not necessary to send the entire pad(s), just the modules. This helps keep shipping costs down. All our load cells are matched. There are rare exceptions to this. If you suspect that the actual load cell is causing problems please contact the factory service department for instructions on how to check this.

The modules can be easily removed from the pads by removing the 4 Phillips head screws on the bottom of the pads, 2 on each end. Slide the black module out and disconnect the load cell (large silver knurled nut). Slide the battery pack completely out of the pad. We need all 4 modules and the tablet to perform proper service. Please pack everything very carefully so they are not damaged in transit, specially the tablet display. It is best to leave it in the protective folio. We cannot warranty a tablet and/or module(s) that have been damage in transit.

To return a system for service please contact the factory for an RMA tracking number. This helps us get your service done as quickly and efficiently as possible. PLEASE DO NOT SEND SYSTEMS BACK WITHOUT THIS RMA NUMBER. It should be clearly marked on the outside of the box and inside include a quick note with your name, phone number, and the RMA number again.

If you choose to send the entire system with pads there will be a modest additional charge plus additional return freight. If you send the tablet and modules only for warranty service and need them returned faster than ground service we ask that you pay only the difference in cost.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The tablets included are fully functional tablets using the Android® OS. They will support many other apps besides the one we supply. However there is always a potential conflict between apps over which we have no control. We will warranty and support both hardware and software (our app) on these systems ONLY if no other app or apps have been installed. If you have trouble after installing another app we urge you to delete that new app first to see if an app conflict is the problem. We cannot warranty that this system will function properly with any other apps.

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