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Computerscales XLi Hybrid Instructions v1.25

Quick Start

Hybrid Scales – Part Wired / Part Wireless

Hybrid systems have 2 separate parts:

  1. A pad control board under the tablet that powers the load cells and sends the data to the tablet display. This is where the cables are connected.
  2. The tablet display. This connects to the pad control board via Bluetooth® and can be removed and used wirelessly.

2 separate parts - both with separate ON switches

Tablet:  Push the ON button on the bottom right side and hold for 3 seconds to turn on the tablet and launch the operating system. After about 15 seconds the home page will appear.  IMPORTANT:  Wait for Bluetooth icon to appear at the top of the screen before launching the COMPUTERSCALES XLi app.

Computerscales XLi app icon  Tap the app icon on the Home Page (first up) to launch the "app" - COMPUTERSCALES XLi. This takes about 5 seconds.


Pad Control Box:   Now turn the Control Box ON. There is a small silver button just below where the tablet ON switch is located. The LED light indicates power is turned on. In a few seconds it will connect with the tablet and display your weights. You are ready to go.
NOTE:  If the tablet shuts down or goes into ‘sleep’ mode you will need to turn the Control Box back on.

To use the display wirelessly just remove the tablet from the holder by releasing the spring loaded bracket. When reinstalling, be sure the ON switch is on the lower right. If not, the display will be upside down.


Zero:  Tap BEFORE putting car on scales. DON'T zero AFTER car is on scales.

‘Sleep’ Mode:  To conserve battery power the tablet automatically goes into ‘sleep’ mode after 30 minutes. About 5 seconds after that the control box will also shut down. To restart push ON once (don’t hold as when turning tablet on) and also push the control box button. This restart happens almost instantly. To manually put into Sleep Mode (save power) push ON once (don’t hold). The control box will automatically shut down too. Restart as above.

To shut system down:  (different from ‘Sleep’) Push & HOLD ON  for 3 seconds. Display changes. Tap ‘Power Off’ and then tap ‘OK’. If you don’t do this the tablet battery may be low the next time.

Memory:  Tap arrows (< & >) to select memory number. Tap Notes- Add/View Memory at the bottom. A keyboard will appear with text boxes at the top. At the very top is the Memory number you selected for reference. Under that are optional text boxes for Memory Name (up to 15 characters) and Notes (virtually unlimited... scroll for more space). Tap Save Name & Notes when done and the app will take you back to the main screen. Refer to the full Computerscales XLi Hybrid Operating Instructions for more details on entering or editing Notes using the keyboard or by voice and for saving your Memory and Notes to file for transfer to PC. Note: 10" tablets display notes screen side-by-side with weights. Refer to the full Computerscales XLi Hybrid Operating Instructions for details.

Rotate wheel weights on display:  Tap the Rotate Wheel Weights button. Weights rotate in 90º increments.

Recharge tablet:   The tablet has a rechargeable battery that runs for 6-8 hours. Tablet recharger is included. Battery status is indicted on the app screen.  Connect charger at bottom center of tablet. Tablet recharge takes 5-6 hours.

Replace control box batteries:  The control box runs off separate Alkaline batteries. Access is behind the control box and uses 3 “D” cell batteries. Remove the 4 screws for access. These should last 120+ hours or roughly 2 years. The LED on the control box changes to RED when low.

Customize Partial %s:  Swipe screen R to L. Tap Start Over and select.

Pad Capacity: Excess weight can damage load cells

  • 72613 - 1500 lb per pad
  • 72617 - 1500 lb per pad
  • 72653 - 1800 lb per pad
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