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Grooving a Tire


Grooving is the process of removing rubber strips to create more edges that will increase traction or grip.


Grooving a tire is helpful if the track is very wet and heavy or if the surface is hard with a significant amount of loose dirt across it.


Grooving will help channel the dirt out of the tire to help maintain a good contact patch between the tire and the track surface.


Horizontal grooves (cut across the face of the tire) will help forward bite.


Grooves cut around the circumference of the tire should improve side bite.


If you are trying to improve side bite as well as forward bite, angled grooves should be the answer.


To use the tire groover, the proper blade must be selected and installed. You’ll want to set the blade height with the help of a Tread Depth Gauge.


Don’t forget to select the power heat level.

A word of caution: Grooves that are cut too wide may cause the tread block to peel or rip away from the tire.


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