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Winter Tire Storage Tips

The useful life of a race tire is directly affected by storage conditions. Always store your race tires indoors in a dark, cool, dry room.

For best results:

  • Remove the tires from the racecar.
  • Store the tires on their side in a cool, dark and dry environment.
  • Place the tires is black plastic bags when stored during the off season.
  • Keep the temperature range in the storage location between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Don’t store tires in direct sunlight. Sunlight causes UV damage by breaking down the rubber compounds.

Don’t apply any chemical treatments as it may damage the integrity of the tire by breaking down the rubber properties of the tire.

Don’t allow your tires to come in contact with oils, greases or any petroleum products that may cause the rubber to soften or deteriorate.

Don’t store your race tires in sub-freezing temperatures for any length of tire as the rubber can freeze and may crack.

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