Hybrid Pairing or Connection Issues

Hybrid Pairing or Connection Issues

    1. If a hybrid system is having trouble connecting, and or the channels have erratic readings, it is possible that the circuit board has the older chip in the F1 position. The older chip will have an “A” on it and the new updated chip will have a “J”. The older chips will be in systems that are from around 2017 and older. The circuit board would have to be removed to see the chip in the F1 position.(see attached photo)
    2. It is possible that the system has a damaged cable if it will not pair with the tablet or the control box will not stay powered up. The control box will have to be opened up by removing it from the case and taking out the 6 Philips headed screws on the bottom of the enclosure. Unplug one cable at a time and run through the pairing process, to rule out a defective cable.
    3. Sometimes the system can be un-paired and then reconnected again. Unpair the system in the Bluetooth section of the tablet. Re-pair the system via the Bluetooth. Re-enter the 4-digit pan i.d. in the Longacre scales software. Back all the way out of the software and then go back in to see if the system is connected.
    4. If the tablet says “No Data” but the light is flashing green on the control box. It is possible that the pan i.d. is entered wrong.
    5. If the light on the control box is not flashing green the system is not connected to the tablet via Bluetooth.
    6. It is a good idea to make sure the tablet has the latest software update to ensure trouble free operation. Make sure there are no programs running in the back ground on the tablet and they are closed out.
    7. On the hybrid systems there are a few places the pan i.d. can be located.
      1. a. In the tablet under device name.


        b. In the instruction manual.


        c. On the back of the tablet.


        d. On the top or front of the control box.


      e. If all else fails the pan i.d. is on the circuit board.