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Wire Harness for DLI™ Tachometer
Wire Harness for DLI™ Tachometer
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Whether you're a top race team or just looking to improve handling, tire wear, and fuel economy in your passenger car, Longacre gauges have you covered. We offer some of the best gauges on the market including digital and analog air pressure gauges. Longacre gauges are designed for racers who want quality instruments that will last through harsh racing environments.


Welcome to a new era in instrumentation. The Longacre Digital Gauges are the next generation in performance gauge technology. Engineered for wet and dirty environments, Longacre gauges provide the absolute best in waterproof sealing. These digital gauges are designed with unmatched resistance to vibration, heat, and moisture so you can remain confident that your engine will be running at peak performance.


At Longacre, we have a passion for building the highest quality products. That's why we use our experience to produce better and more reliable innovative parts and pieces for teams who take their racing as seriously as we do. We understand the needs of our customers to produce the best products possible on the market today. Longacre is recognized for its dedication to quality, innovation, & complete satisfaction. Longacre gauges are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. We understand that you demand the best performance from your machine, and our gauges are designed to give you accurate readings for a precise reading each time.