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Innovative engineering and expert precision manufacturing are the hallmarks of Longacre tire gauges. These tire pressure gauges use high-quality components, calibrated to high standards for ultimate reliability and durability. When you need a tire pressure gauge that's been tried and tested on racetracks across the country, you can't go wrong with Longacre.

Get your tires ready for the road with the Longacre Tire Gauge. Featuring a large face with easy-to-read numbers, these tire pressure gauges are equipped with a 360-degree swivel chuck that allows for viewing at any angle. The handy design of Longacre tire pressure gauges is equipped with built-in air bleeder valves to reduce pressure in overinflated tires and includes a sturdy flexible hose. High-quality Longacre tire gauges will help maintain proper tire pressure, so you can be sure your streetcar - race car - truck – motorcycle, or bike runs smoothly.

Proper tire pressure is a big deal. Your ride will perform better, consume less fuel, and last longer if your tires are at their optimum PSI. It pays to have the best tire gauge you can get your hands on. An accurate tire gauge will help you check the pressure in an efficient and repeatable manner, which cannot be said for poor quality gauges that usually require some guesswork or trial-and-error techniques for accurate results. Trust your race car to the tire gauge experts at Longacre. Whether you need to check your pressure or replace a valve stem, trust their easy-to-read gauges. Built to last, Longacre tire pressure gauges are the perfect tool for any race car maintenance.