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You’re on a quest to find the perfect steering wheel. One that feels just right in your hands, one with a grip that you can control without losing feel. Longacre has been producing quality steering wheels for years and each of their race series steering wheels are handcrafted from premium materials. Whether you’re looking for an aluminum or steel steering wheel, smooth, fat grip or bump grip, we have what you need!


Your steering wheel is one of the most important parts of your vehicle's interior. Longacre steering wheels are designed to give you comfort, control, and style all in one package. Our quality steering wheels will make a statement in any car. You work hard and have earned your right to a comfortable ride. Longacre Steering Wheels deliver a comfortable driving experience that feels great and lasts.


When it comes to racing, speed is everything. Longacre Racing Products is known throughout the racing industry as a leader in creating and manufacturing innovative products to help you get the most out of your vehicle. With a range of products that includes scales and steering wheels, we can provide you with high-quality parts that will last for years and make your racing experience better than ever before.