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Longacre Racing Scales

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There is no doubt that proper chassis setup is an important component in finding your way to victory lane. To achieve the desired weight balance, you need a quality set of Longacre scales to help get your set-up where you need it to be. Longacre Scales offer racers the quality technology they need to fine-tune their setup with repeatable results.

Longacre is the recognized leader in racing and automotive scales at the track, in the shop, or at the drag strip! Longacre employees are dedicated to making sure that each job gets executed with the utmost care. We also strive to provide you with the latest technology available, by continuously developing new product applications. All of this led Longacre to become a leading manufacturer of racing and automotive scales. Longacre scales are the choice racers demand!

You’re a racer and you know that there is no substitute for precise weight balance. You can be sure that we have what you need to get your car on the track and win. Speedway Motors has a wide selection of Longacre Scales to help you achieve consistent weight balance every time you are on the race track. It also enables you to quantify how much differences in tire compound affect the handling of your race car. This is important so that you can fine-tune your chassis or change tires for optimal performance on any given day.