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Roll Bar Padding

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Padding your roll cage with high-quality products from Longacre Racing is a great way to add extra protection for the driver. Each item is made from the finest materials and assembled using quality craftsmanship, so you get what you need at a price that works for you.


Keep your car in great shape by making sure your roll bars are properly protected with Longacre Roll Bar Padding. The padding is SFI approved and will not drip, melt or smoke when exposed to an engine fire. The various length options make this an easy fit for any standard-size roll bar. A self-adhesive tape option offers added convenience for an even easier installation.  Trust your race car to Longacre.


Whether you're a drag racer, circle track racer, kart racer, or just have a taste for the fast lane, Longacre is the leader in quality and innovation. Our products are designed to last through years of hard use, providing you with true value that's backed by superior service. Whether you are into stock car racing, sprint car racing, off-road sprint style, or even RC car racing, we'll provide you with the quality racing products you deserve.