Longacre TIRELIEF Kit 50100


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Pro TIRELIEF™ Kit with Setting Tool

Pro TIRELIEF™ Kit with Setting Tool Item #: 52-50100


TIRELIEFS™ Tire Pressure Relief Valves

Relieves tire pressure buildup as you race - automatically.

Use with quick change adapters or mount directly in your wheels by drilling a 1/8" NPT thread hole.

  • 3-40 psi range
  • 100 mesh inlet filter - to keep dirt inside tire from plugging TIRELIEF™
  • Lightweight aluminum - only 9 grams - won't affect wheel balance


Preset your TIRELIEFS™ BEFORE you install them in the wheels. The setting tool uses your compressed air supply to accurately simulate tire pressure to set valves precisely.

Kit includes:

California Proposition 65 Statement

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