Longacre Caster Camber Gauge 78272


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Billet Caster / Camber Gauge with Magnetic Adapter
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Billet Caster / Camber Gauge with Magnetic Adapter Item #: 52-78272

Price Drop Plus

Billet Caster Camber Gauge

Expanded Range

  • Reads Camber from +9º to -9º, accurate to better than 1/4º
  • Caster reads from +12º to -4º
  • Glow-in-the-Dark vials - much easier to read even in good light
  • CNC machined billet aluminum - polished, Bright Dip anodized, Laser etched
  • NEW Super Magnetic Adapter - stronger pull - Now using twice as many premium 'Rare Earth' magnets (16 total) to hold to your hub better, CNC machined for a dead flat surface and the highest accuracy possible
  • Can measure caster with or without turnplates (still best accuracy if used with turnplates)
  • Includes hard case
California Proposition 65 Statement


Caster Camber Gauge
  Material: Billet Aluminum
  Finish: Red anodized
  Camber Increments: 1/4°
  Positive Camber Adjustments: 0 to +9°
  Negative Camber Adjustments: 0 to -9°
  Caster Increments: 1/2°
  Positive Caster Adjustments: 0 to +12°
  Negative Caster Adjustments: 0 to -4°
  Bubble Level Included: Yes
  Adapter Included: Yes
  Case Included: Yes
  Bolt Size: 5/16"-18
  Style: Magnetic
  Material: Billet Aluminum
  Finish: Black anodized
  Adapter Diameter: 3.0"
  Center Hole Diameter: 1.5"
  Center Hole Depth: 1.0"

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