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Aluminum Toe Plates with Magnets, Standard Style

Aluminum Toe Plates with Magnets, Standard Style Item #: 52-79501

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  • Each set includes 3/4" tapes with 1/32" increments.
  • Kick-out design holds our plates flat against the wheel.
  • Magnets hold the tapes securely in place while you work.

Key Highlights:

  • Each set includes 3/4" tapes with 1/32" increments.
  • Kick-out design holds our plates flat against the wheel.
  • Magnets hold the tapes securely in place while you work.

Maximize your alignment precision with Longacre’s Toe Plates with Magnets, offering accuracy and convenience for toe measurement.

Benefits of measuring toe:

  • Handling and Stability: Toe affects how the car handles corners and straight-line stability. Proper toe settings can enhance cornering grip and straight-line stability, improving overall performance.
  • Tire Wear: Incorrect toe settings can lead to uneven tire wear. Excessive toe-in or toe-out can cause accelerated wear on the inside or outside edges of the tires.
  • Alignment: Toe is one of the key parameters in wheel alignment. Proper alignment ensures that all four wheels are pointing in the right direction, optimizing handling and overall performance.
  • Balance: Adjusting toe can help fine-tune the balance between understeer (front of the car loses grip first) and oversteer (rear of the car loses grip first), allowing drivers to tailor the car's handling characteristics to their preferences and track conditions.
  • Cornering Performance: Toe adjustments can affect how quickly the car responds to steering inputs and how it behaves during cornering in various track conditions.

Key Features:

  • Formed Aluminum Construction: Crafted from durable aluminum, our toe plates boast a rigid design that ensures accuracy, allowing for reliable toe measurements with every use.
  • Kick-Out Design: Featuring a kick-out on the bottom, our plates hold flat against the wheel, providing stability and consistency during measurement procedures.
  • Magnetic Stability: Integrated magnets hold the tapes securely in place while you work, preventing unwanted movement and ensuring precise measurements.
  • Included Tapes: Each set includes 3/4" tapes with 1/32" increments, facilitating quick and accurate toe measurements directly from the plates.
  • Versatile Application: Trusted by racing teams and vehicle enthusiasts worldwide, our toe plates are suitable for use with all types of race cars, street cars, trucks, ATVs, UTVs, and quads.
  • Ease of Use: Simply rest one of these plates against the tire on each side and measure toe directly using the included tapes. The formed design maintains rigidity for accuracy and stays securely in place against the tire.
  • Dimensions: With dimensions of 23 1/2" x 9", our toe plates offer ample coverage for precise alignment measurements. The big slot measures 3” from the ground, while the little slot measures 2 1/4” from the ground, ensuring compatibility with various vehicle setups.
  • Toe Measurement Convenience: Our toe plates provide the quickest and simplest way to measure toe, allowing for efficient alignment adjustments with minimal effort.
  • Front or Rear Use: Whether you're fine-tuning front-end or rear-end alignment settings, our toe plates offer versatility and accuracy for all your alignment needs.
  • Post-Adjustment Verification: Use our toe plates to check your toe settings after any camber or caster adjustments, ensuring alignment precision and performance optimization.
  • Best Used with Two People: These standard toe plates are best used with two people for enhanced stability and efficiency. Longacre Deluxe Toe Plates (SKU 52-59505) can be used with just one person.

Our Longacre Deluxe Toe Plates are crafted from durable formed aluminum, ensuring accuracy and reliability in toe measurements. With a kick-out design for stability and integrated magnets for secure placement, these plates come with 3/4" tapes with 1/32" increments for quick and precise measurements. Trusted by racing teams and enthusiasts worldwide, they're suitable for various vehicles, from race cars to trucks and ATVs. Easy to use and compatible with front or rear alignment settings, these plates offer post-adjustment verification for optimal performance. Best used with two people for enhanced stability, they are a must-have for efficient alignment adjustments.

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