Longacre Chassis Height Tool 78320


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Chassis Height Measurement Tool - Short

Chassis Height Measurement Tool - Short Item #: 52-78320

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Works in 3 Different Ways

  1. Car on the ground - measures chassis height directly, accurate to 1/16".
  2. Car on scale pads - measures from top of pads - ground level - to frame directly (no subracting needed here).
  3. Measures chassis height dynamically, as you work on the car. Magnet holds tape to frame. Indicator shows height as the car moves up and down. Use set of 4 to quickly see height at all 4 corners. You don't even need to bend over.
  • 24" for perimeter frames
  • Measures height from 2" to 10" (higher if needed)
  • Works 3 ways - with scale pads or without
  • Metric scale included - 0 mm to 260 mm
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