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Each race, you should make sure your shocks are properly inflated. To do this, you want to use a Longacre Inflation tool. 

Remove the shrader valve from your shock and install the inflation tool onto the shrader valve. 

After it's installed, you want to turn on the inflation tool and make sure it is zeroed. Then, screw in the T-handle to open the shrader valve. This particular shock only has 90lbs in it and we want 100 lbs. 

After you have your desired pressure, unscrew the T-handle to seal off the schrader valve.

From there, uninstall the tool and put your shrader valve cap back on.

Tech Tip:

These are inflation tools and shouldn't be used to check pressure, especially in the case with a hose. It takes gas pressure to fill the hose and give the gauge a reading which you're taking out of the shock. This will give you a false reading.