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When you're installing your Sportsman Elite Gauge Panel, all of your sensors and all of your switches will come with the gauges. You just need to install them in the proper location. Oil pressure is your 21 pound switch. Water temperature is your 230 degree switch. Your fuel pressure and your water pressure will be a three pound switch and your oil temperature will be a 270 degree switch. If you're buying the gauges individually, you have to make sure you purchase those switches to make the gauge work correctly.

When installing a gauge panel, your yellow wire will be your power wire that goes to an ignition switch. Your red wire is your wire to go to your water temperature switch and the black wire is a wire to go to your oil temperature switch. Your water temperature switch screws into your intake manifold or into your radiator and your oil temperature switch can be installed in the oil pan, the oil cooler, or in the oil tank.

The first gauge we have in this panel is your oil pressure gauge. It will come pre-wired with the pressure switch that will make the warning light change in the gauge. On the back of the gauge, you'll run your line from the back of the gauge to your engine. That's where you get your oil pressure from so if you're getting this gauge individually then you will need to purchase a tee and switch to install this gauge correctly.

Next, we have our water temperature gauge. The water temperature sensor comes installed in the gauge. You'll install this either in the radiator, in the intake manifold, or in a block somewhere where you have contact with the engine coolant. You also have the warning switch. This switch is a 230 degree switch so when the water temperature gets to 230 degrees it'll change the warning light in the gauge.

If you're buying this gauge individually, the only thing you'll have to purchase is the switch.

Next, we have our fuel pressure gauge. In this panel, the t is already on the pressure gauge just like our oil pressure gauge was and it also has a low pressure switch installed. This switch is a three pound switch that's already wired in. All you have to do is connect your line to your fuel log. If you're going to get this gauge individually, you'll have to buy that two-pound switch.

Last, we have our oil temperature gauge. The oil temperature gauge comes with the sensor already installed in the gauge. This goes into your oil tank, oil pan, or oil cooler. This also has your switch to change the warning light in the gauge. This switch is a 270 degree switch so once the oil gets to 270 degrees, it'll change the warning light. If you're purchasing this gauge individually, just like our water temperature gauge, the only thing you'll have to get will be this switch again. This is a 270 degree switch with the water temperature is a 230 degree switch.


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